85 hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum

Bloom 85-hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

"Bloom Yoga Studio master teachers have a wealth of experience teaching best prenatal yoga practices in terms of safety, sequencing, and teaching techniques. Because Bloom offers more prenatal classes per week than any studio in the city, it offers a great environment for prenatal yoga teacher trainees to learn."

– Emily Anderson
85 hour Prenatal Teacher Training class of 2015

Prenatal Yoga classes help to prepare pregnant students for the birth of their baby and to work to alleviate pregnancy-related discomforts by practicing gentle, modified yoga poses and breathing exercises. These classes keep moms and babies happy and healthy, and are a wonderful opportunity for pregnant women to connect and celebrate their changing bodies and growing babies.

Bloom’s Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum includes the following modules:

  • Pregnancy 101: Introduction to the Childbearing Year
  • Risk and the Prenatal Mindset
  • Psychological Considerations of Pregnancy and Early Postpartum Period
  • Meditation, Breathing, Mudras, and Savasana
  • Yogic Philosophy for the Pregnant Student
  • Posture Clinic and How to Modify for Pregnant Students in a regular class
  • Asana for Pregnancy: Modifications for all three trimesters
  • Pelvic Floor Clinic
  • Demonstration, Verbal Cues, and Appropriate use of Touch for Prenatal Yoga Classes
  • Sequencing Principles for Prenatal Yoga
  • Prenatal Partner Yoga
  • Prenatal Yoga using a Balance Ball
  • All about Childbirth
  • Teaching Practicum: Comparing the 3 Trimesters in Asana Practice
  • Teaching Private Sessions to Pregnant Students
  • Teaching Practicum: Sequencing Scenarios
  • Ethics of Teaching Prenatal Yoga


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