300 hr Teacher Training FAQs

  • What makes Bloom's 300 hr program different?
    • Using Bloom’s signature down-to-earth, unintimidating approach to yoga we've crafted a teacher training experience that will support you in your continued growth as a teacher:
    • -- Our focus on specialty training and modifications for real life students will give you varied techniques for your yoga toolkit
    • -- A small group setting (max of 20 trainees) offers opportunity for more individualized instruction and feedback
    • -- Mentorship with an experienced teacher will help you achieve your goals, work through challenges, and better teach in the style that’s authentic to you – gentle to vigorous
    • -- Every hour of training includes well-thought out, rich, and engaging content, delivered in a focused teacher training environment rather than having you attend general classes to complete your hours
    • -- We're transparent and up front about program schedule and costs – you’ll know what you’re getting from day one!
    • -- You can graduate! Our realistic schedule and attainable requirements mean you can earn your 300 hour certificate in as little as 16 months, or up to 5 years

  • How will this program make me a better teacher?
    • The sustained mentorship and support you’ll receive from our Lead Trainers will make you a more confident and valuable teacher. Our curriculum is integrated and taught by a small core faculty, so you’ll absorb and apply new ideas rather than being flooded with information from a rotating list of big name teachers who come and go for weekend workshops.

      It’s great if you can stand on your head or do a freestanding handstand, but keep in mind that only about 1% of the potential yoga population can ever hope to practice asana at that level. Because this training will give you a solid understanding of common conditions you’ll encounter within the general population, you’ll be equipped to more safely and effectively modify for the students who actually come to your classes. There’s a huge, untapped market of potential yoga students out there, but you can only access it if you feel confident in modifying based on whatever is thrown at you – aches, pains, past surgeries, conditions, and other challenges.
  • Is the program taught in a particular style?
    • Bloom’s training program focuses on the tradition of Hatha Yoga, and puts a heavy emphasis on assisting students to find safe alignment. The program draws on Bloom’s view of yoga as a lifelong practice, and one that can and should be modified to provide the experience of yoga to a broader audience. In addition, Bloom's advanced training offers specialty modules to train you to teach: Restorative Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, and more.
  • How does your approach differ from Yoga Therapy?
    • Yoga Therapy focuses exclusively on working one-on-one with individuals or small groups who share the same condition, addressing specific conditions in a holistic way.

      Our teacher training will teach you to safely and effectively work one-on-one with clients, while also teaching skills to improve how you conduct your classes and workshops. The following topics are examples of aspects of our training that go beyond typical Yoga Therapy offerings:
    • -- Creative sequencing
    • -- Managing classroom challenges
    • -- Class themes and Skillful use of verbal cues and demos
    • -- Weaving yoga philosophy into teaching and life
    • -- Yoga history
    • -- Business of teaching
    • -- Learning how to research and present an engaging workshop

      For more information, see Leslie Kaminoff's article "I'm not a Yoga Therapist Anymore"
  • Can I take individual modules or must I take the complete training?
    • The program is structured so that you may take individual modules or the complete 300 hour program. We highly recommend beginning with either module 1 or module 4, as they provide a solid foundation for modules 2 and 3. Individual modules may be applied towards continuing education credit hours.
  • Must I be an 'advanced' practitioner to do do an "advanced" training?
    • It depends what you mean "by "advanced!" When we use the term "advanced," we are referring more to a level of experience and depth of practice rather than the ability to wrap your legs behind your head and balance on one hand. Our program will train you to skillfully and safely lead yoga classes that are appropriate for the students in front of you, and we will provide you with many ways to advance your own practice and teaching by specializing in other approaches to the practice. This approach will enhance your love of the practice while making you a more well-rounded practitioner (and a more versatile teacher)!
  • Must I currently be teaching to apply?
    • Our advanced training will be best suited to those who are currently teaching in some form. While we welcome any applicants who have completed a 200-hour program, we encourage those who apply to maintain a consistent teaching practice throughout the program (even teaching an occasional class to friends in your home!) in order to better retain and apply the information presented. The good news is - you can always begin teaching after the program begins. We're sure you'll want to because you'll be so excited to apply all the new information!
  • What can I expect after graduation?
    • Bloom's advanced training will empower you to be a more confident teacher, having gained the dedicated focus and individualized feedback of your mentor throughout the program. In addition, you will have practiced preparing and teaching a specialty workshop as part of your practicum, and will therefore be better equipped to go out in to the yoga world and offer this material to the public. Finally, with the training in specialty styles such as Yin, Restorative, Gentle, and the focus on learning to teach Meditation and Pranayama, your teaching (and practice) will be enhanced in so many ways.
  • How can I get my RYT 500?
    • If you have already completed an RYS 200 (200 hour training registered with Yoga Alliance), and then receive a certificate of completion for our 300 hour program at Bloom, you will be eligible to register as an RYT 500 (Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500-hour level) through Yoga Alliance. The only additional requirement per Yoga Alliance's standards is to document 100 hours of teaching since completion of your RYS 200 program. You may read additional details about the RYT 500 designation on Yoga Alliance's website: https://www.yogaalliance.org/Credentialing/For_Teachers/RYT_500.

Do you have a question that wasn't answered here? We'd be happy to put you in touch with one of our Teacher Training grads who can share their experience with you firsthand. Email us at teachertraining@bloomyogastudio.com and we'll connect you!

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