Bloom Gives Back

Thanks to all who participated in our Lynn Sage Fundraiser 2016!

In June during our third annual fundraiser, Bloom raised $450 to benefit The Lynn Sage Foundation . Every dollar donated to The Lynn Sage Foundation fortifies the efforts of the Lynn Sage Scholars, the most talented scientists in breast cancer research.

Thanks to all who participated in our Spring Fundraiser 2016!

In March, the Bloom community raised $550 to benefit Love Your Brain Foundation’s #MindfulMarch fundraiser. Funds raised support LYB’s gentle yoga and meditation programs for individuals recovering from Traumatic Brain Injuries. Almost 40 participants joined our weekly Yoga & Meditation classes to support the cause, and it was incredibly moving to hear personal stories from participants about how yoga and meditation have supported the process of recovery from TBI.

For more information or any questions about Bloom Gives Back's fundraising events, please call us us at 773-463-9642 or email