Jessie Novak

Jessie Young-Novak is a Registered Yoga Teacher E-RYT 200, and a Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher RPYT 85. She received her teaching certification from Bloom Yoga Studio in 2013 and 2014 respectively after performing, teaching dance and Pilates, choreographing, and practicing yoga in Chicago since 2002. She also trained at the University of Iowa where she was first exposed to yoga, Pilates, kinesiology, Laban, Bartinieff, and Feldenkrais, in addition to dance technique, and uncovered her passion for observing the human body in motion from an analytical and postural perspective. She continues to seek out teachers and opportunities to further her knowledge of anatomy, bio-mechanics, and healthy, functional movement for people of all ages.

While rehabilitating several common and not-so-common dancers' injuries, Jessie discovered the benefits of integrating yoga and Pilates into an overall strength and conditioning program. After retiring from the professional dance world, she received Pilates certification in 2009 from the Pilates Method Alliance with an idea for pursuing yoga training in the back of her mind. Jessie's yoga practice deepened after the birth of her first child while attending Mom & Baby Yoga classes at Bloom. The mental benefits of practicing prenatal yoga as a new mom were invaluable, and she deeply appreciates the nurturing yogic community of this special population of moms and families seeking balance in their new roles. Recently welcoming her second child, she is deeply grateful for the tools and strength her prenatal yoga practice has provided, allowing a space to practice self-compassion and non-judgment.

Whether working with groups or individuals, Jessie is a passionate, engaged teacher, applying a holistic and functional approach, while using creative imagery with a love for anatomy and physiology. She believes movement, music, and breath benefit every body, every age, in every stage.

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