Jan Yuvan

Jan came to yoga over 20 years ago when she was introduced to the Kripalu Yoga tradition. After years of moderate practice she decided to solidify her dedication to yoga by becoming a certified Kripalu teacher in 2004. As an athlete, she has a strong competitive spirit. However, in her personal Yoga practice as well as her teaching style, she chooses to set competition aside, instead defining her Yoga practice as a time of personal exploration and discovery – a time to be attentive to the self – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. And while the practice may be challenging on many levels, it is always about self- care. Examples of Jan’s teaching experience include working with women to maintain their yoga practice during pregnancy, teaching children in the pediatric psychiatric unit of a hospital, working with athletes to prepare for competition and stay injury-free, helping individuals work through physical and emotional trauma. She brings her varied personal and professional experience to her teaching with a pragmatic approach and a strong attention to detail, while allowing ample room for exploration and discovery.

The Kripalu tradition defines Yoga as meditation in motion. It is a form of Hatha Yoga from a Kundalini heritage that emphasizes awareness and attention to how the body responds to the practice. The breath comes first in Kripalu Yoga, using breathing techniques to focus attention and channel energy. Kripalu is one of the oldest and most well respected schools of Yoga in the United States.

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