Dede Fuentes

In an effort to alleviate the scoliosis-related back pain that afflicted her for years, Dede skeptically entered her first yoga studio hoping simply for pain relief. It did not take many classes at that studio for her to begin realizing the physical benefits of yoga, and after learning to integrate breathing with movement, she began to receive the emotional benefits as well. That first yoga studio was Bloom.

Dede is continuously amazed by the parallels between life on and off the mat, and she sincerely believes that everyone can benefit from a regular yoga practice. She strives to create a welcoming, nurturing and unintimidating space, where students are encouraged to find their balance between effort and ease. Dede is grateful to live in a city where the options for yoga are plentiful, and she is appreciative for her teachers throughout Chicago. She received her certifications at yogaview.

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