Candice Wu

Candice, CYT500, LPC, MA, believes in supporting people in embodying their true selves through awareness, body wisdom, self love, and wholeness. She is fascinated with how the body stores information and memory and how we can partner with the body for deep transformation. While she practices and teaches yoga engaging all levels of the physiology, her expertise is in the deepest levels- the Self and our individual beliefs- which are the roots to the expression of the energetic, mental and physical levels of the body.

With gentle and compassionate touch, personal attention, warmth, and wholehearted connection, Candice offers a deep healing experience and space for experiencing being in her Restorative Yoga classes. She combines her studies from Integrative Yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, qigong, marma points, psychology, experiential healing and somatic therapies for a holistic approach.

Candice studied Advanced Integrative Yoga and Ayurveda with Jim Kulackoski at the Darshan Center (500 hr). She blends her yoga practice as a Holistic Healing Facilitator and Psychotherapist, and enjoys working with people anywhere in the world to support them in healing from within, clearing limiting beliefs, resolving personal and intergenerational trauma and losses, embodiment, and alignment with their souls.

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